Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sea hares

(Note: Aplysia dactylomela; 26 July 08)

I went snorkelling at Mettams Pool, which is part of the Western Australia's Marmion Marine Park, and saw some sea hares!

This was the second time I saw these creatures and the first time was on the Penguin Island, off Rockingham (see pic). I must have snorkeled at Mettams Pool for not fewer than ten times but I have never seen any of them before. This time, armed with my newly acquired Olympus mju 790 SW camera, I made a short clip of them. The quality was amateurish but well, it takes time to learn the skill.

In fact, today must be such an 'auspicious' day for snorkeling at Mettams Pool. The waters were still cold but so calm and clear. And I saw a stingray and an octopus too!

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