Sunday, February 24, 2008

Animals or plants?

You see, I enjoy beachcombing with my friends, although I am not sure if they feel the same. And I am always so excited to share with them the bit of knowledge I have about marine creatures or plants on the shore. Saying this makes me feel dirty - but it always amuses me when they couldn't make out whether what they are looking at is an animal or a plant.

Although I study plants most part of my uni life, I did spend the first few years studying animals. I have always enjoyed reading about animals, especially marine animals. And my favorite animal is the dolphin! If that matters at all.

Some of the lectures I have enjoyed when I did my bachelor's degree were about animal biodiversity and marine invertebrates. Those lectures have taught me things like:
  • Corals, sponges and sea anemones are not plants, ever.
  • Jellyfish and starfish are not fish.
  • A seahorse - obviously not a horse - is a fish.

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