Saturday, February 2, 2008

South Cottesoe Beach is a beauty today!

Today I must declare my love for the South Cottesloe Beach!

For the last few months, I usually snorkeled at Mettams Pool on Saturdays and off the South Cottesloe Beach on Sundays. But, I broke the rule for a while and only visited Mettams Pool after a few lousy snorkeling experiences off South Cottesloe.

South Cottesloe Beach

South Cottesloe Beach

Today, I thought what the hell, might just as well give it a go again. And I set foot on the South Cottesloe Beach on the right day! The water had good visibility, but what's more important is that it was so calm. It just looked like a giant swimming pool to me.

Sargassum meadow with Syringodium isoetifolium and paddle weed (Halophila) at the back

Sargassum meadow with Syringodium isoetifolium and paddle weed on the right

And so I saw some nice fishes today.

Buffalo bream

Buffalo bream again

A school of stripey (Microcanthus)

And the regulars - Red-lipped morwong (Cheilodactylus rubrolabiatus)

I think what attracts me to the sea is that the underwater landscape just doesn't stay the same throughout the year. And depending on the water conditions, you would have a different experience every time you dive in.

A really amazing experience today was my encounter with a banded toadfish (Torquigener pleurogramma).

I was trying to photograph some sea cacti and so I was hanging around above a few patches of them. I was trying hard and the water wasn't helping. Anyway, during the 5-10 minutes I was in that spot, there was this banded toadfish which kept going around me. No, I didn't imagine it. When I thought it was gone, I would see it again. And a few times it just swam right towards my face and so made photographing it easy.

Too bad, I'm not your type, mate.

Anyway, I didn't get a good shot of the sea cactus in the end, just the toady that was checking me out.

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