Sunday, February 17, 2008

There are still more photos I want to take

What I show on this blog is definitely a small sample of what I see when I snorkel. There are still fishes and other marine life whose photos I just can't take for some reasons.

Reasons like some fishes just flee the moments we see each other. I have seen magpie morwongs, some female Western King wrasses, and an octopus (this is not a fish) when I snorkeled but couldn't get any snapshots of them. Go away! You're an underwater paparazzi or something'!

Sometimes these fishes just race by in a big school right in front of your face. I have seen some longish white fish (sea mullet maybe) doing that. And by the time you have recovered from the little shock and are ready with your camera, they are no where to be seen! Honk! Honk! Hey mister, you're in the way!

And sometimes the water conditions are simply lousy. Too much sand suspending in the water. Or too much seagrass or seaweed debris around that a school of fish hanging out in a pit looks like a group of boys playing in a rubbish dump. But that is perfectly fine. What matters is that you just couldn't get a nice photo. Howya mate, great you could join us! It's so much fun swimming in a rubbish dump! HOORAY!

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