Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fishes on the North Cottesloe Reef (1)

I am aware that the waters of North and South Cottesloe Reefs are one water. But at least to my untrained eye, their reefs are different in terms of seaweed or seagrass coverage. Anyway, I thought I would like to organize the photos I took based on location. So, there you are, photos of fishes I saw on the North Cottesloe Reef on 21 March (Good Friday).

Red-lipped morwong
I like them because they are less shy than other fishes. So you could always get a good photo of them. This is my most-sighted single fish off North Cottesloe. There is just no way to not bump into one of them if you are swimming over some seaweed patches.

Blackspot goatfish (Parupeneus signatus?)
In the photo, you can't see the two barbels hanging from below the fish's chin. The fish uses them to stir up soft sediment to find its prey. And I suspect the barbels are the reason for its name too - 'goatfish'. This was the second time I saw a goatfish off North Cottesloe. They were searching for food alone both times I saw them.

This was the second time I saw a stingaree on the North Cottesloe Reef. And this time, this one wasn't planning to flee. In fact, shortly after I took this photo, it just went into the sargassum seaweed and hid itself up, revealing only part of its fin. Based on the rounded fin at the end of its tail, I reckon it's a stingaree. Despite being generally smaller than stingrays, stingarees have one or two venomous spines on the tail. So, they are dangerous too!

Banded sweep (Scorpis georgiana)

These two are photos of some fish whose name I don't know. There was a huge school of them, maybe a thousand of them in it!

These two schools of fish look like the same species, but again, I couldn't find their name.

Australian herring or Tommy rough (Arripis goergiana)

No idea what their name is. This must be the second time I saw them off North Cottesloe.

Tarwhine (Rhabdosargus sarba)
This is my most-sighted schooling fish off North Cottesloe.


Merlin Franco, F said...

Nice pictures :)

Anonymous said...

the fish that u dont know the name of ( the striped ones ) they are called striped trumpeter, thanks for posting the pictures :) they are very nice

Jennifer Armstrong said...

That big lipped thing was eyeing me for food today. I think it was about 40 or 50 cm big