Monday, March 24, 2008

Fishes on the North Cottesloe Reef (2)

At last I have taken some photos of a western king wrasse. It was a female; the male is more colorful. Anyway, I have never seen any male wrasses so far.

Books and websites say that when the only male in a group 'disappears' (into an angler's basket?) or dies, the largest female will have a sex change and becomes the male! That means she will change her gender together with her colours?

Another amazing thing about them is that the females and the juveniles could team up and start a cleaning station providing services for other fishes! They pick away diseased or dead skins and parasites from fishes that visit them. Community service?

The female western king wrasse looks really unimpressive. And the last two times I saw them, they were in a group of at least two or three. I wonder why this one was on her own. No, don't worry, the tarwhines were not going to attack her.

Mmm, this funnel weed looks yummy!

Those over there look yummy too. Must go and get them ...I wonder why these two tarwhines keep following me. Hey, I saw the food first!

WHOA! Hold it there. First you were following me, and now you want to sit on my face! Hey, I don't mind body contact, but your bottom IS touching my neck!

And now your bottom is touching my back! GO AWAY!

Phew! Finally I am on my own.


Not again! These guys are back! Unbelievable!

Ok, ok. Follow me if you want. Like I care!

Good, now we'll go our separate ways!

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