Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fishes on the South Cottesloe Reef (9) - The southern eagle ray (again)

Finally, I managed to get some 'proper' photos of the Southern eagle ray!

This one was taking a rest on the sea floor when I spotted it. And unlike all four other rays (southern eagle rays?) I saw off South Cottesloe, this one just let me take as many photos of it as I liked. 'Many' means more than 50. That's the number of photos I took during the ten minutes or so I was with it!

Why do I think it has a pair of panda's eyes and a permanent broad grin?
And why do I think its face resembles that of a sea turtle???

And so the ray took off after the photo shoot session, gracefully flapping its wings, I mean fins, heading God knows where.

By the way, please ignore the noise in the clips. No, it didn't come from the eagle ray. The noise was from the photographer, who still couldn't breathe well underwater!

Link to my earlier post about a southern eagle ray that I spotted off Rottnest Island.

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