Monday, March 31, 2008

Jellyfish of South Cottesloe Reef

I saw this beautiful animal during my Sunday morning's snorkel. I still don't know its name. But I love the colors!

When I was swimming around it taking photos, I did feel something sting my leg. But I must be imagining it because I couldn't find any tentacles dangling from this jellyfish. And I couldn't see any transparent stingers around me. Swimming into a big school of stingers would be my worst nightmare!

Anyway, the feeling just won't go away, so I decided to head back to shore. After all, I have swum much farther from shore today than I ever did before. And the water was quite deep too, at least 4 to 5 meters.

And so I headed back to shore and bumped into the biggest school of fish I have ever seen in my life! There must be a thousand of them - yellow fishes with black stripes, each about 20 cm in length. If they all rushed at me at the same time, I would be knocked over. Seriously.

Just watch out for my next post. You will be impressed. I was.

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