Saturday, March 22, 2008

Octopus on the North Cottesloe Reef

Today's snorkel at both South and North Cottesloe was delightful - thanks to the calm waters and bright sunlight.

I saw an octopus on the North Cottesloe Reef this morning. And this time I had my waterproof camera with me! The photos below show how the octopus moved away to stay out of my sight shortly after I spotted it. I hung around for more than five minutes but it didn't want to show up anymore. I had been in the water for almost two hours and was getting cold, so I decided to move on.

It is definitely not my way to poke it with a stick or throw a pebble on it to make it come out. One thing I believe is that when you are in the sea, you just have to respect the organisms living there. It's their home! So if they are not in the mood to get a photo shoot, you will just have to move on!

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