Saturday, March 29, 2008

Octopus on the South Cottesloe Reef

This was the second time I saw an octopus off Cottesloe, to be specific, the South Cottesloe Reef. I was actually going after a fish trying to take its photo. It was swimming too fast and soon I lost it, but it was then I found this octopus right below me. So I was just lucky.

I saw this one mid-way between the two Cottesloe groynes. The first groyne is right in front of the teahouse; the second separates the South Cottesloe Reef from the Cable Station Artificial Reef (I think).

Octopus, octopus - the blue-blooded member of the marine family! Yes, blue blooded, literally. And I would love to see their blood. I also read that some octopi can detach one of their arms for defense! Like a lizard would detach its tail to distract its enemy. Amazing! (See this)

I managed to do a short clip.
Again, as I have mentioned before, the quality of the original clip is much better than what you see here. I remember some websites say that the drop of quality is related to how the uploaded clips are processed by the website that hosts your blogs.

The clip is too short? I know. Wish me good luck so that I will see another octopus and make a longer or better clip.

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