Friday, March 14, 2008

Scary, wriggly larvae! (Not for the faintest of hearts!)

It is not politically correct to call any marine larvae or worms ugly. Whether they are pretty, lovely or otherwise is all a matter of perspective. And it depends on who you ask. So I wrote scary instead of ugly in the title of this post.

I found this dead sea sponge on the South Cottesloe Beach. On the outside, it looked pretty ordinary. So, like a curious child, I just casually picked it up to have a good look. That's when I dropped it like some hot iron!

Gosh! If only you were there to see these wriggly fellows yourself, you would understand why I was a little taken aback. And mind you, there were more of them on the whole sponge, I only managed to photograph some because I was doing supermacro shots.

I know, I know. I have probably swallowed heaps of larvae, seagrass pollen or marine animals' sperms during all those time I went snorkeling. But just let me pretend that I didn't!

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