Saturday, April 19, 2008

A boring Saturday

I don't really mind the cold sea water. That's what wetsuits are for. And I have invested in one. And I don't mind choppy water either. I have grown more confident in the water now. But not when it is murky, it takes all the fun away from my time spent underwater.

This Saturday I went back to the Marmion Marine Park. I hit the water at Mettams Pool and then the Waterman's beach. Both were not nice for snorkeling. So I ended up visiting the Aquarium of WA. Well, I thought at least I could practise photographing marine animals there.

I took some photos but they didn't turn out very nice. And it just felt so different taking photos of fishes inside an aquarium. I saw some fishes that I have seen before when I went snorkeling. I like it better when they are in the wild.

A coral garden with fishes in an aquarium.
They just look so unreal, or maybe unnatural.

Moon jellies


I really like marine life more when they are in the wild!

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