Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fishes on the South Cottesloe Reef (11) - Funny fishes

I saw these two funny fishes on the South Cottesloe Reef some time ago.

They were funny because they would swim around for a while and then just flop over on their side over the seagrass or on the sandy bottom. When I got nearer, they would swim away to a new spot and then flop over again.

Why? No idea. I think they were pretending to be dead.

Black spinefoot (Siganus fuscescens)
This one has no reason to be afraid of me. It has poisonous fin spines!

Herring cale (Odax cyanomelas)
The second one looks like it's dead with its eyes wide open!

Shadowkiller and Bunyip of the Dive-Oz forum id these fishes for me.

Note (26 Mar 2010):

Now I am having some doubt about the accuracy of the id of "Black spinefoot (Siganus fuscescens)" (first image). It looks more like a brown-spotted wrasse (Notolabrus parilus) than a black spinefoot.

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