Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Jellyfish of South Cottesloe Reef - Name found!

How? This is the story:

I remember reading an article on cnidarians in the Western Fisheries magazine (the Jan 08 issue). The magazine is published by the Department of Fisheries, Western Australia.

I wrote to the magazine to ask for their assistance - by either putting me in contact with or asking the author to identify the jellyfish for me. A few days later, I got a reply from Cathy Foster. She has forwarded my email to Bruce Mackay who is the manager of the Naturaliste Marine Discovery Center, which is also part of the Department of Fisheries, WA.

Bruce told me that this is Pseudorhiza haeckeli or net-patterned jellyfish. The distinguishing features of this jellyfish are these:
(1) a single colorful mouth arm
(2) net pattern on its bell

He also pointed out that this jellyfish can deliver a mild sting.

Colorful mouth arm, which is used to bring food to its mouth.

Net pattern on the bell

Hi Cathy and Bruce, if you are reading this: Thanks again for your help!


Wois said...

cuties jellyfish, but some of them dangarous.

During my university's time, i always saw my friends went to the open sea for field trip (they were studying science marine.). I was so envy, even now.

After "jumped into" your blog, i find back the feeling i used to have. Your blog such a great and informatics.

Thanks for your blogging.

Regards, WOis

Tsun-Thai Chai said...

Hi Wois,

Thanks for popping by! And thanks for your compliments. Hope you will have a good time underwater too.

Cheers, Chai