Thursday, April 3, 2008

Seagrass and seaweed at South Cottesloe

Healthy and green seagrasses are always so nice to look at!

And some seaweeds or marine algae make seagrass their home. You see, a seagrass can grow where there is only a shifting, unstable sandy floor. Seaweeds, however, need a stable surface to attach to, like the surface of a rock or a seagrass. Scientists want to impress you with difficult terms, so they call these seaweed 'epiphyte'!

Oops! Just kidding. 'Epi' means 'on' and 'phyte' means 'plant'. So the word just means that these seaweeds grown on the surface of other plants.

Fluffy algae on the leaf blade of Syringodium(?)

Bunches of green algae growing on Amphibolis species (wireweed)

Brown algae on the leaf blades of Posidonia (strapweed)

By the way, isn't it a bit confusing when 'strapweed' and 'wireweed' are both sea plants and have '-weed' in their common names, but they are not seaweeds?

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