Sunday, April 20, 2008

A slightly better Sunday - at the North Cottesloe Reef

Despite the gloomy weather forecast, I went snorkeling off Cottesloe this morning. The beach was quiet. The water was cold and murky. Poor visibility too.

I didn't see many fishes today. Neither did I see any that I haven't before. But again, surprise, surprise, I saw a black sea hare! And what bad luck that the murky water won't let me take some decent photos!

Take it next time? Did you say? Well, I doubt I will ever see this animal again. Most of my encounters with these uncommon critters never happen twice. I wonder why. BUT, having said that, I must admit I am happy that I have seen them at all.

It was probably Aplysia gigantea, considering it's size (almost 30 cm long) and an overall black body. The red arrows point to the large tentacles which look like the large ears of a hare. The blue arrows show where the two folded-up parapodial flaps met (I think).

And I saw Pseudorhiza haeckeli again. The poor water and light conditions made it look dull.

Anyway, despite the poor photo quality I think I should still show you my encounter with the black sea hare. After all, I want to show you there are lots to explore underwater off the Perth beaches!

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