Sunday, April 6, 2008

Encounter with squids

This morning was one of those days when there are too much sand dancing in the water and the sea is too rough for me. So, although I managed to take some photos, they were not free from the backscatter problem. Anyway, Cottesloe, again, didn't disappoint me.

I saw three squids on the North Cottesloe Reef this morning! They are probably the southern calamaris (Sepioteuthis australis). They have fins which extend along the entire length of their bodies, which is not seen in many other squid species. The location where I saw them (shallow waters and reefs with seagrasses) also matches their habitat descriptions. (Again, I can't guarantee I am right.)

The southern calamari has eight arms and two extendable feeding tentacles. I couldn't be sure about the number of arms and the long tentacles because the squids must be about 3 meters below me. Ever since I flooded my camera a month or so ago, I am just too reluctant to dive with it again - even if it's just 3 meters, within which the camera is supposedly waterproof.

Big eye! It just looks so unreal! And you can see the fins which extend along the entire length of its body.

Several arms are visible in this photo.

This looks like a spaceship!

Don't know what else to say here. Just want to show you its prominent eye.

By the way, I guess everyone knows that squids can emit black ink when stressed or confronted by an enemy. So, I must assure you that when taking these photos, I have been really nice and keeping a safe distance. I didn't harass these squids, and they didn't squirt torrents of black inks into my face!

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