Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sponge, sea urchin and sea anemones at South Cottesloe

It's raining outside. So I wouldn't go snorkeling this morning. I dug into the photos I have taken and found these. I have wanted to post them on this blog. However, it just happened that I have more interesting photos to share with you first, like the southern eagle rays (Myliobatis australis) and the colorful jellyfish (Pseudorhiza haeckeli).

I found these in a small pit underwater in the south of the Cottesloe groyne.

Purple sea sponges - no idea what their scientific name is.

Sea urchin - the black spiny critter.
No idea how that piece of rock got onto it.

Two reef anemones - one has green tentacles; the other red. I wonder if the sea sponge next to the green one is still alive.


Anonymous said...

hello sir.

i think the one you named "purple sponge" is a Halichondria or Haliclona sp.

i'm not entirely sure myself.

hehehe. Good day.

Tsun-Thai Chai said...

Thanks for that.
Why do I think I know you?