Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Back to beachcombing

Last Sunday wasn't a good day for snorkeling either. So I just took a walk on the Cottesloe Beach and beach combed for some surprises.

In front of the teahouse, the surfers were having a good time but I didn't see anyone swimming.

South Cottesloe Beach - strong waves.

South Cottesloe Beach - surfers were having fun.

I saw this sea tulip which was washed ashore. Doesn't it look like something from the 'Alien' movies?

The skeleton of a sea sponge

Blue bottles! Or Portugese man-o-war. This is the first time I saw one. I know they are capable of giving extremely painful stings. Some books say that you should avoid touching even the ones washed ashore. They can still sting!

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