Sunday, May 25, 2008

Beachcombing finds at Cottesloe - Barnacles

The most interesting find I had at the beach today was a dead tree trunk covered in barnacles.

The fact that the whole thing was covered in barnacles gave me a creepy feeling. But it was also the first time I saw these barnacles - goose barnacles .

The ones I have seen before were mostly rock barnacles. Unlike those rock barnacles, goose barnacles live in the open sea attached to floating objects. And goose barnacles have stalks. The rock barnacles don't.

I think it was the worm-like stalks that gave me the creeps. I never like worms. And their cirri (segmented legs) don't look pretty either.

And I saw the dead skeleton of a Ram's horn shell, which became the home of some barnacles.

There were lots of cuttle bones on the shore; this one became home to some barnacles. Now that the cuttle bone was washed ashore, I wonder how long will it be before the barnacles dry up in the sun and die.

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jublke said...

I agree that the photos are a bit unnerving -- I think they look like rows of teeth!