Sunday, June 22, 2008

No beach today

I didn't go to the beach today.
I woke up, did my washing, had a brunch and did some reading for the paper that I am trying to churn out. At midday, I went to the uni pool for a swim. The weather is really beautiful today. Blue skies and 15 degrees Celsius.

After I returned from the pool, I had my lunch and then continued with my draft again until now. The reason why I just couldn't continue writing is that my neighbors are talking too loud. Even that is OK if they could speak without using the word "F**K" or "F**K**G" at least five times in every sentence. It is distracting. Not to mention distasteful.

Anyway, I went to the beach again yesterday after 3 pm. I was hoping that I could find different things at the beach at different times of the day. If there was an early bus, I would probably get there at 5 or 6 am one day.

I didn't find anything interesting. But I still enjoyed taking photos and walking on the beach.

Lots and lots of seagrass and seaweeds were washed ashore. You wouldn't have seen this on the South Cottesloe beach a few months ago. Of course, amid and around the seagrass and seaweed wracks, you would find small marine animals, like sea squirts, sea tulips, blue bottles, etc, and the skeletons of dead sponges and cuttlefish.

The Indian Ocean sunset

By the way, thank God my neighbors have decided to be kind to me and have stopped talking. Now I will go back to my work. Phew!


Wois said...

do u know what is that stone?

Devin said...

I just wanted to let you know personally that the Marine Photobank is having an ocean conservation photography contest! It lasts until September 30th. Check it out and be sure to check out prizes, rules, and submission guidelines.