Sunday, June 15, 2008

A walk on the South Cottesloe beach

This morning wasn't an ideal time to take a walk on the beach. The only reason why I headed for South Cottesloe was that I was curious about what I could find on the beach after some rainy weather.

The wind was really strong. So strong that even a leisurely walk was no longer an effortless walk. Sometimes, you would feel the wind trying to sweep you off your feet!

Adding to the chilling winds was the misty drizzle that kept going on and on. It was a really light one but enough to wet your glasses and camera in a few minutes that you would have to wipe the moisture off again and again.

Just look at the waves that hit the Cottesloe beach and you will get an idea.
This is a photo of the Cottesloe groyne. There's a surfer in the photo too. Compare the size of the surfer and the waves and you will immediately understand why I didn't see any swimmers (or snorkelers) at the beach : )

Another shot of the waves near the Cottesloe groyne.
I took this photo because the waves looked beautiful.

Surfer ready for a great time

Looking towards the South Cottesloe Beach from the groyne

The ones who were having a really great time today must be the kiteboarders. There were quite a number of them at South Cottesloe. Watching them having fun makes you think whether you should learn kiteboarding too.

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