Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Phyllorhiza punctata - Australian spotted jellyfish

Three short clips of a jellyfish I saw on the North Cottesloe Reef.

23/7/08: I managed to add some info to the clips this evening, but I suspect that handling in Windows Movie Maker and then saving them again must have compromised their quality somehow : (


Mosura said...

Great videos! Did you take them? If so, what with?

Tsun-Thai Chai said...

Honestly, I am still a bit unhappy with the image quality.

Anyway, I took them with my "amphibious" Olympus 790 SW point and shoot.

I still have no idea how I can add "@Tsun Thai Chai" to a clip.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! You were underwater when shooting with your "amphibious" camera? I think I can hear your breathing :)

Mosura said...

Yeah they're good. Maybe not the standard of "Blue Planet" but to be able to take video like that yourself is pretty good.

Tsun-Thai Chai said...

Thanks, Anonymous,
Yes, underwater. I love taking photos or videos underwater. Beachcombing is only what I do when I can't hit the water :( As for my breathing, well, I am still learning to overcome that. I suspect I am not breathing the right way.

Thanks Alan,
The three clips were just 30 seconds in total. But I actually swam around them for about 30 minutes, battling a bit with the waves, waiting for the jelly to come to the surface (as my camera is only 3 m waterproof, maybe less)(also, deeper means poorer lighting), trying to find the right angle so that sunlight falls on them, etc.