Monday, July 14, 2008

Sea tulips

I have never seen such big bunches of sea tulips till now.

Pyura australis (?)
See here for another photo of it.

On the stalks of the sea tulips, there were some red lace corals (?).

And on the head of one of them, there was some articulated coralline algae. (It is just my guess based on the segmented look of it.)

This one was the third bunch I saw today.

Close-up on their stalks


mick said...

Great photos of things I have never seen - or noticed! - before. I am enjoying reading your blog.

Tsun-Thai Chai said...

Thanks, Mick.

One thing I try very hard doing is to keep putting up photos of marine animals and plants I have never seen before.

It is not easy. Sometimes it means having nothing to put up here.

: ) Chai

Tsun-Thai Chai said...

By the way, the first photo - doesn't it look like a bunch of dates on stalks?


Anonymous said...

I never imagined a bunch of tulips growing well in Australia but also never thought to look on the shore ;) Dates taste good, these might be a bit salty!

Tsun-Thai Chai said...

Ha ha!

Mosura said...

Fascinating animals. I've never seen any here (yet)

Anonymous said...

Imagine being a "stalked" animal!

Tsun-Thai Chai said...

Reading Anonymous's last comment got me thinking very seriously about installing some emoticons on my blog.

Right now I need one that says laughing out loud.

I might need one that says rolling on the floor laughing in future.

Anonymous said...

Hhehee, I tend to HEEHEE, HAHA, and EWWW a lot because emoticons slow a blog down. You can always LOL or ROFL ;)))

Tsun-Thai Chai said...

Not Tsup?

: )

Anonymous said...

OHHH you have discovered the sound birds make! Tsup*!* Tsup*!* Hahahaa, my female bird visitors do that often but haven't heard a male human try that before! It is a greeting :)