Wednesday, July 9, 2008

There are real penguins : )

Alright, looks like I will have to show some "evidence" ; P that there are real penguins on the Penguin Island.

During my last three visits to the Penguin Island, the penguin was not what I saw a lot. It was the silver gull! So naturally, I took a lot of photos of them.

And of course other birds, too.

The "wild" penguins - according to the people running the island - live in those wooden houses that were placed among the bushes on the island. But they just disappeared into their shelters too quickly. And I don't remember seeing a lot of them. So, taking their photos wasn't easy.

The best place to see the little penguins (Eudyptula minor) on the island is the Discovery Center. In other words, not really wild penguins. Again, because these little creatures are so active and keep moving, I have barely got any good, in-focus photos of them. Incredible. (Alright, maybe it's my skills...)

The inside of the Discovery Center looks like this:

The center runs a couple of feeding sessions during which they will give a pretty educational explanation about the penguins.

: ) Sorry about the mysterious ear-piercing noise in the background - no, it's not the penguins singing nor was it a kettle boiling.


Anonymous said...

AHA! They are Little Penguins, or Fairy Penguins :) Maybe those are wild ones in rehabilitation in the Discovery Center? Thanks! Enjoyed the 'evidence' :)

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Chai
That "linked list" thing which Mosura discovered works a treat. It functions like a "blog circle" all of its own, without us joining up with anything. I think it is great. Glad to see you using it.
Shame you didn't get a wild Penguin. Better luck next trip.


Tsun-Thai Chai said...

Yeah, I will definitely go back to the island when it opens again in October.
Well, unlike Anonymous ; ) I am not really that keen about birds. But the island is really good for birdwatching because there is also a big group of pelicans living there.

Well, I agree the blogroll thingy really works a treat because you will know very quickly when somebody updates their blog. It makes it so easy.


Anonymous said...

We will just have to work on that "keenness" for birds won't we! *tweet*!*

Our wild Fairies are protected with nightwatchers, and I avoid going near them because it's the right thing to do to ensure their survival. I do however photograph penguins in rehabilitation before they are released back into the wild :)