Monday, July 21, 2008

What about the mundane ones?

Denis of The Nature of Robertson wrote this:
"We bloggers are guilty of posting about the rare and the exotic, and overlooking the mundane."

Well-said, Denis! That's so true.

I have to admit when I go beachcombing or snorkeling, I usually prefer to photograph animals or plants that are rare, exotic, weird, colorful, big, funny, extraordinarily ugly, handicraft-like, dangerous, poisonous, or even not looking like living things, etc. I hardly photograph the ordinary ones, and if I do, I would usually just keep them for record, not for my little blog.

Yeah, what about the mundane ones? They certainly make up part of the ecosystem. And the mundane ones have stories to tell too. I can almost imagine them saying this into my face: Hey, we are marine life too, you know!

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Denis Wilson said...

That's right, Chai - they "are marine life too."
Thanks for the cross-posting.