Thursday, August 21, 2008

Coral Bay experience (6) - Fish feeding / Spangled emperors

These videos and photos were taken during a fish feeding session in Coral Bay. I can't remember who does it but fish feeding is done every afternoon at half past three, near the boat ramp.

The day I went to watch fish feeding, I found that 10 minutes before the feeding would begin, the fish (mainly the spangled emperor) were already waiting very near the shore. Equally excited about the feeding session were the people who arrived early. The person who fed the fish was probably the only one who arrived last.

Days ago I commented in a post that the spangled emperor is so friendly and not camera-shy at all. Now I think the fish's behavior may have been conditioned by their interaction with people during the fish feeding session. So, when the fish saw me underwater, it might have thought Is he going to feed me or what?

I remember Denis asked whether this fish makes good eating a few days ago. "The Marine Fishes of North-Western Australia" by Gerald. R. Allen and Roger Swainston (Western Australian Museum, 1988) says this fish which can grow up to 86 cm in length and 6.5 kg makes "excellent eating".

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Mosura said...

Interesting that the fish know when it is feeding time.