Monday, October 13, 2008

Sea birds (3) - South Cottesloe

While I won't see huge flocks of birds in South Cottesloe as I did in Coral Bay, there are still quite a few kinds of birds that hang around the shore.

In South Cottesloe, the most common bird is the silver gull (Larus novaehollandiae) - as on many other Australian shores I guess.

Also frequently sighted in South Cottesloe is the pied cormorant (Phalacrocorax varius).

Pied oystercatchers (Haematopus longirostris) - I don't see them very often. Like silver gulls and pied cormorants, oystercatches are common all around the Aussie coastline.

White-faced heron (Egretta novaehollandiae) - I have seen this bird only once.

I don't know the name of this bird, but it certainly has a strong beak. Again, I have seen this bird only once. If it was 20 times larger, I might suspect it lived in the world of the dinosaurs. It had that look.

Note: Immature pacific gull (Larus pacificus), id by Alan.


Mosura said...

It seems you're broadening your interest to birds. That last shot is an immature Pacific Gull - Larus pacificus

Tsun-Thai Chai said...

Thanks, Alan.

I wonder why a juvenile bird's plumage color tends to be so different from the adult's. Any idea?

Mosura said...

I'd imagine that adult plumage would be a signal that the bird has the potential to mate.

Snail said...

I was thinking about that dull plumage as camouflage but then I thought --- what in its right mind would take on something that big? Killer whales? White pointers?

Mosura said...

"what in its right mind would take on something that big?"

Apparently a Sea Eagle will take gulls. (As described here)

Tsun-Thai Chai said...

Hi Alan,

How did you add a hyperlink in a comment, like you did for "(As described here")?


Mosura said...

Standard html. For example
[A HREF=""]place hyperlinked words here[/A]

would create a link to my blog. However you would have to replace the square brackets with angled brackets like these <>

Mosura said...

The above would appear like this:

place hyperlinked words here

Tsun-Thai Chai said...

Thanks, Alan.