Saturday, December 6, 2008

Short clip of stripeys (Microcanthus strigatus)

This morning, I snorkeled for the first time at Trigg Beach, Marmion Marine Park. It was an enjoyable time and I would certainly return for more.

Today was the first time I tested my Pentax Optio W60 camera underwater. The water wasn't very clear or calm still. I saw schools of fishes beneath some ledges. It was rather dim too. Using flash was out of the question as it would make the backscatter worse. Getting close to the fishes was not that easy as I am still learning to gain full control of my buoyancy or movement. And the fishes just refused to stay put!

I tried taking photos close to the surface where it was brighter. I found it challenging to do it with my camera when it was bright, i.e. near the surface. The photos got overexposed easily. Well, I read some reviews and was forewarned before buying anyway. In this respect, my stolen Olympus camera (Olympus Tough 790SW) did a better job.

Still this Pentax camera isn't all bad - the quality of its video recording is much better than my last camera's. Below is a short clip of a school of stripeys (Microcanthus strigatus) I made this morning.

Well, perhaps it's not obvious here, but the quality of the original video (prior to uploading) is really good. However, too bad that the microphone picked up the noise of my zooming and focusing while I recorded the video.

STILL - it was enjoyable watching these yellow-and-black creatures swimming around and to have them watch me videoing them!

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