Friday, December 19, 2008

Snorkeled at Cottesloe - A tulip season, underwater

These photos were taken on 13 Dec 08. It was two hours or so after low tide.

Everywhere I looked there were some sea tulips! It was like a tulip season underwater.

I saw a dusky morwong (Dactylophora nigricans). I have seen at least two dusky morwongs around here over the last 12 months. I wonder if this was one of them. Anyway, this fish was really cool, going about it's business in a very laid back manner, almost ignoring me! And a red-lipped morwong (Cheilodactylus rubrolabiatus) too.

And a school of blackspot goatfish (Parupeneus signatus) too.

And I saw a live globe fish or porcupine fish for the first time. I wrote about two dead ones before. I wonder if it was injured because for at least half an hour, it just stayed at the same spot. This fish can inflate itself till it looks like a spiky balloon.

On the walls of some reef holes, I saw sea hares (Aplysia oculifera) and sea squirts. I tried to take photos of the inside of the sea squirt's siphons but the images didn't turn out alright.

And I saw an octopus too. But it was too fast for my camera.

Overall, a really enjoyable 90 minutes or so underwater!


Robert said...

How do you keep up with when the best snorkeling conditions are? Is there a good website for that?

We always just chance it.

Great photos!

Tsun-Thai Chai said...

HOW!? I can talk to fishes, mate! Ha ha !

The truth is I just chance it too. I could be wrong but I think a few hours after low tide on a spring tide day (around new or full moon)is pretty good.

For Marmion Marine Park, my experience is to first try Mettams Pool - if it is turbid, forget about Watermans, MAAC, etc.

Do you live near Cottesloe? On a good day, you will see much more in South Cottesloe than you would at Mettams.

Robert said...

We live in Inglewood, so it's not that near to any beach.

We were going to try Cottesloe this weekend, only it's meant to be raining, so we'll do it sometimes in our holiday break.