Monday, December 29, 2008

South Cottesloe Beach - Feather star

Feather star!
It was sitting quite happily next to another "star" until I turned over the rock and found it! I found them in a reef hole when it was low tide.

It has ten brownish or reddish arms. It wasn't very large - just a few centimeters across.
Ok. I have to admit I have no idea what species it is.

Soon after I started taking photos, the animal started moving.

Its agility was impressive. Waving its ten arms, it soon glided across the body of the sea star.

Pinnules are the side branches on the arms, which give the animal its feathery appearance. The animal uses the tube feet on the pinnules to trap plankton and suspended particles for food. Unlike sea stars, the mouth of a feather star is on the upper side of the body.

The cirri enable the animal to attach itself to some kind of support, like rock and sponge.

A close-up on the cirri

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Denis Wilson said...

Hi Chai

Great study of that wonderful creature.

Happy New Year, and stay safe!