Wednesday, December 17, 2008

South Cottesloe Beach - Nudibranch

A few days ago, I mentioned seeing a nudi (nudibranch) while exploring the rocky shore in South Cottesloe on a low-tide morning.

These are the photos I took. I think it's a nudi. It's about 3 cm in length. You would be disappointed if you were expecting a highly colorful, sushi-looking or toy-like sea slug.

I still have no idea what species it is. Still, I am putting them up for record's sake. It's my first encounter with a nudi!

Note (17 Dec 08):
Oops! I made a mistake here - it's a flatworm, not a nudi. Thanks to Ria for pointing it out to me.

Note (5 Mar 09):
I have finally seen a real nudie (not flatworms : ) )
Check out this post.


ria said...

Wow! That's a gorgeous photo of a fabulous animal!

But I think it's a flatworm though. It's really flat and doesn't have rhinophores.

You really have fascinating shores! Thanks for sharing about them.

Tsun-Thai Chai said...

Hi Ria,

Thanks for that. I happened to read about flatworms this morning and how people mix some flatworms up with nudibranchs, especially colorful flatworms. You are right - it's too thin and doesn't have any naked gills which characterize the nudis.