Tuesday, December 16, 2008

South Cottesloe Beach - octopus (2)

In my last post about an octopus I saw at South Cottesloe, I mentioned also seeing a dead one. Well, the dead one was easier to photograph. So I took some close-up shots of it too.

The small photo on the left (second row) shows the mouth - where the octopus's powerful beak-like jaw is.

The photos shown above were taken on 13 Dec.

When I returned the next day, I saw a crab dragging a dead octopus, pinching one of the octopus's arms. I only managed to get two shots and the crab was already running for cover, taking the octopus with it. I suspect it's the same dead octopus that I saw the day before. But I wonder why the octopus wasn't picked up by some sea birds.


Jessica McLeod said...

This is a great blog, you take wonderful photographs!

Tsun-Thai Chai said...

Thanks for your encouraging words, Jessica.