Thursday, December 18, 2008

South Cottesloe Beach - Sea urchins & their tube feet

All those photos of sea urchins that I took before this were really of dead sea urchins, or their tests. In this post, I am showing you live sea urchins! And their many tube feet.

The tube feet of sea urchins are adhesive because they all end in suckers. You can imagine a sea urchin as a spiky but sticky ball! If you have touched the underside of a sea star before, you would know how sticky tube feet can be.

The sea urchin uses its tube feet to move around, hold on securely to a surface, and even pick up bits of rocks or shell and put them on its body for camouflage.

And finally, I must say that a live sea urchin with its tube feet waving in the water looks so much prettier than a dead, dried sea urchin test!

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