Tuesday, January 13, 2009

South Cottesloe Beach - Banded spined brittle star

I found this banded spined brittle star, Clarkcoma pulchra, under a rock at low tide. It was about 10-12 cm across.

The banded spines on its flexible arms look pretty when you look closer.

Like any brittle star, this creature is fast moving, making it tricky to take a very good photo of it. While its possible to pick up a sea star, its not possible with a brittle star. After all, you really wouldn't want to do that as the animal's arms are said to be quite fragile and will break off easily - hence the name star, I guess.


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Chai
I can see that it is obviously moving, between frames.
Interesting creatures you keep showing us. I love browsing in rock pools (on headlands, etc). I am not a "water baby".

Tsun-Thai Chai said...

Well, there's more coming. I found some pretty chitons too. I have contacted someone who works with the Museum of Victoria (in intertidal marine life sample collection) to help ID them. Those images will be up on blog as soon as the id is done.