Sunday, January 11, 2009

South Cottesloe Beach - Sea anemones

I learned something new about the sea anemones at South Cottesloe yesterday.

Don't they look like small buckets filled with bits of shell!

These barrel-like thingies are actually the bodies of sea anemones. Because I couldn't quite see the tentacles or the oral disc the first few times I saw them, I wasn't sure what animals they were.

Yesterday morning I came across one of those barrel-like sea anemone whose oral disc and tentacles are visible. Unlike other sea anemones that I often find at South Cottesloe, this one has short tentacles. Anyway, the lines and the bright orange color in the oral disc surely make the animal pretty.


I often find sea anemones with red tentacles and green tentacles sitting right next to each other. Their tentacles look very similar except for the color. I suspect they could be the same species with some color variation in their tentacles.

Yesterday I found that the bodies of the two "types" of sea anemones actually have the same body color.

A close-up on the oral disc of the sea anemone with green tentacles.


ria said...

Sea anemones are such beautiful animals. And your photos are gorgeous!

Tsun-Thai Chai said...

And I like the fact that they don't move, so it's easy to take a shot!