Tuesday, January 6, 2009

South Cottesloe Beach - Southern eagle ray, with a "shortened" (?) tail

I found this beautiful southern eagle ray (Myliobatis australis) taking a break on the sandy floor that was 4 - 5 meters from the surface on 30 Dec 2008. It was probably one meter-plus across.

What caught my eye really was that it had a short or maybe shortened (?) tail. So I googled about it.

Apparently, some fishermen and anglers who happen to catch stingrays would actually cut off their tails! And I came across some old news reports that linked the slaying of stingrays (tails cut off) in Queensland in 2006, with the death of Steve Irwin too. Perhaps I am too soft but I honestly found all this rather disturbing.

Anyway, the question remains - what's happened to this eagle ray at South Cottesloe?! Could the short stump of its tail a result of a shark attack?


Denis Wilson said...

Shame to see such a wonderful creature interfered with.
Didn't know about the possible cutting off of tails of stingrays with SI's death. If so, it has been hushed up successfully. Certainly he was apparently doing something foolish.
Best not say any more.

Tsun-Thai Chai said...

I agree with you. And I can understand what you meant too.

I read about it here: