Friday, February 27, 2009

Rottnest Island - Little Salmon Bay (4)

The last of my Little Salmon Bay "series".
Two more photos of what I found in the shallow reef.

A sea urchin

A common octopus


Steve Reynolds said...

Hi Chai
Keep those lovely photos coming. Tell me more about the octopus.
Today I bought some old videos dirt cheap. 1 of Kangaroo Island, SA and a short 1 of Ningaloo Reef by Coral Bay Adventures. Also go t a shark CD and book "Secrets of the Deep" - $2.50 all up : )

Steve Reynolds said...

Forgot to say that I like your new header photo of yourself Chai, Steve

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Chai.
Great colour in the Sea Urchin shot.
The Octopus should be called a "Shy Octopus".
Check out the story on a clever Octopus linked from Jarrett's "Creature of the Shade" blog (linked from my blog).

Tsun-Thai Chai said...

Hi Denis,

I just read that story about the octopus who tried to flood the aquarium building. I read about how an octopus can loosen the lid of a jar to get the food inside. Now it just gets better - opening a water-control valve!

I remember once when I was photographing an octopus (at low tide on a rocky shore), the animal kept extending its arms, curling them around my little camera, possibly trying to snatch it from me : )

I think they will make good pets!