Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rottnest Island - Zoanthus praelongus

This Wednesday (11 Feb) was the first time I snorkeled at Green Island. I spent about an hour or so there, in the company of two friends, Beorn and Takami.

The Green Island (right) really doesn't look like it has much to offer until you hit the water. On the shoreward side of the island, there's a reef platform covered in algae and seagrass. The other side of the island gets deeper and bigger schools of fishes hang around there. There are some caves or channels to explore too. I saw some beautiful fan corals. I will put up the photos of those later.

The Green Island is a sanctuary zone. But visitors are allowed to fish from the jetty.

As I was swimming under the jetty, I found a colony of Zoanthus praelongus on one of them. This is interesting because all the ones I found previously (1, 2) were on limestone reef, where they were either on some sponges or amid seagrasses. So, for record's sake, I thought I should write about it here.

And the other colony I saw was on the reef.

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Steve Reynolds said...

Thanks Chai. Very nice thanks. This is the best of your latest collection of "Rottnest Island" blogs. Keep up the good work.