Friday, March 13, 2009

Rottnest Island - Bickley Bay (1)

Bickley Bay is not one of the best snorkeling spots at Rottnest. I snorkelled there just because it's located near the Kingstown barracks, where I stayed during my last visit to the island early this February.

My snorkeling buddy Takami and I explored the Bickley Bay area on the first three afternoons we were on the island. I was quite impressed by the marine life I saw there, especially near the small rock island about 60-100 m offshore. In fact, it's at Bickley Bay that I saw my first nudibranch!

The gold-spotted sweetlips (Plectorhincus flavomaculatus) is one of the fishes I came across again and again around the seagrass beds at Bickley Bay.

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