Sunday, March 8, 2009

South Cottesloe Beach - schooling fish (3)

A school of silver trevally (Pseudocaranx dentex) (?) searching the algae-covered reef for food


Squirty said...

I was at South Cottesloe yesterday afternoon, actually North Leighton walking my dog and there seemed to be a lot of fresh seaweed along the beach.

My wife hapenned to see a small orange disk looking thing which when I picked it up turned out to be a purple tipped anenome with an organge base. I also found a spongey blob that looks like a stone but is white and soft. Any ideas as to what it is?

Both are in my marine tank at home and my clown fish have gone nuts over the anenome. Didnt know what it was until It unfolded and then googled some pix to find your site.


Tsun-Thai Chai said...

Hi Squirty,

Sorry, no idea what that spongy blob could be. My guess is that it is some compound ascidians, in other words, a colony of sea squirts living together.

Do you have a photo of it?