Sunday, April 5, 2009

Penguin Island - Invertebrates

Some photos taken at the Penguin Island last Saturday (28.03.09).

The water was choppy and visibility was poor. The highlight of the day's snorkel was this net-patterned jellyfish (Pseudorhiza haeckeli). It's about 15 cm in length with a single oral arm. I found it near the surface in shallow water (~ 1 m). There were a few small fishes swimming along with it (white arrows).

As the visibility was poor, I decided to take close-up shots instead.

I found some colonies of blue-throated ascidians (Clavelina moluccensis)(?) under ledges. You can think of them as sea squirts that live in a colony, joined at their base. In the first photo, you can see that each animal has three blue spots between its two siphons.

And I saw two nudibranchs (Chromodoris westraliensis) while exploring the shallow reef on the north side of the island. These sea slugs are so lovely because of their brilliant colors; they are also easy to photograph because they are slow-moving.

And the orange feather star (Cenolia trichoptera)

Red sea star (Petricia vernicinia)

Mosaic sea star (Pentogonaster dubeni) which I saw for the first time!

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ria said...

What's gorgeous invertebrates!!