Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blog hiatus

Ok, looks like it's time I take a blog hiatus.
Thanks to all of you who have followed this blog. With winter coming and a PhD thesis to be written, it would be really impossible to keep snorkeling and blogging. I should be back in a few months or probably by end of the year (?) Anyway, do check out my earlier posts and tell me what you think!

And I will just share with you these photos I took last Saturday at South Cottesloe.

These guys looked like some spacecrafts drifting through space.
The one with yellowish rings in the dome (bottom, right) looked so different from others which had white spots.

A tear in the dome. The first time I saw this.

A brittle star under the rock - look at the snakey arms.

A seaweed decorator crab that was washed to the shore. It was about 3 cm across.

A pretty fan worm. They obviously have no operculums (white arrows).