Monday, November 16, 2009

Sydney snorkeling - Bare Island and Congwong Beach

19 October 2009

I visited Bare Island and Congwong Beach today. The water off Congwong Beach was choppy and visibility wasn't very good either. In the end I decided to just explore the area west of the Bare Island bridge. Again, visibility wasn't good.

Congwong Beach

Congwong Beach, looking towards Bare Island

The bridge connecting Bare Island to the mainland

I didn't see many fishes. Neither did I take many nice photos. So the snorkel wasn't that productive. But I suppose it might have been different if I had scuba-dived.

Also, I almost swam into a drifting Portuguese Man o' War! It was just two feet or so in front of me when I looked up! Thankfully I managed to avoid getting stung! The only highlight was seeing three little nudibranchs and seeing a very pretty sea anemone with bright orange tentacles.

The three nudis (Ceratosoma amoenum) I saw

A very pretty sea anemone sitting in the crack of algae-covered rocks


ria said...

Wow, in Singapore that would be considered GOOD visibility! The nudi is gorgeous!

Tsun-Thai Chai said...

Hi Ria,

The nudibranchs are surely gorgeous. In fact that was the first time I saw the species.