Tuesday, January 5, 2010

South Cottesloe - Seadragon and squids

20 Dec 2009

The highlight of today's snorkel has to be the sighting of a common seadragon (or weedy seadragon) (Phyllopteryx taeniolatus). It drifted past in front of me when I was following a fish. (It's a matter of luck! ) Naturally I stopped going after the fish (which I now couldn't quite remember what fish) and followed the seadragon instead.

The seadragon is 20-25 cm in length and was drifting over seagrass at the depth of about 3-4 meters. It was quite well-camouflaged over the segrass and I lost track of it couple of times. This is the second time I saw a seadragon off South Cottesloe. I saw my first seadragon near the end of the South Cottesloe groyne at the depth of 3-4 meters and over seagrass too. That was a day of even worse visibility underwater and I lost track of the seadragon very quickly and naturally no photos were taken.

Another interesting encounter is seeing a group of 15-20 little squids that are just several centimeters long when I was heading to shore.

It was quite shallow, perhaps 1- 1.5 meters in depth where I saw them. It was really difficult to get any good shots of them because of their sizes and poor water visibility near shore. I have no idea what species they are. Anyway they look pretty cute.


Denis Wilson said...

Interesting creatures.
Loved the tiny hatchling Squids.
The Sea Dragon is wonderfully weird.
Good to see them like that.

glhopman said...

Chai, Looks like a couple of great finds! I love that you can't remember the fish you were following, that shows what a great find the seadragon was