Monday, April 5, 2010

Hello? Anyone blogging about Malaysian marine life?

My personal experience showed me that keeping a blog about marine life is a useful thing to do. It allows me to practise writing, document my underwater adventures, and share my excitement about marine life with others. And it's a way to put my interest in underwater photography into good use too.

Also, through my blog, I got to know people who are equally enthusiastic about marine life too. That's how I found a few snorkeling buddies anyway. Every now and then, when someone emails to tell me they didn't know there's so much marine life to see in their neighborhood, till they read my blog, I know my blog is doing something right.

After my return to Malaysia, one thing that I have been doing is searching high and low for nature blogs about the local marine life. I checked and didn't see any entry in the Nature Blog Network marine section. I do know, however, in Singapore, there are a group of really dedicated marine life bloggers. I have recently put up a couple of posts on two local underwater/diving forums to search for local marine life bloggers, hopefully there'll be good news soon. I am interested to find any Malaysian bloggers who write about their underwater encounters when they go diving, snorkeling or even just beachcombing. In other words, I am searching for local bloggers who are keen about marine life, whether they can dive, snorkel or swim or not really doesn't matter.

Considering all the fabulous marine life there is in Malaysia, I would be surprised if there are not many underwater naturalists or marine life enthusiasts around. Anyway, keeping a blog about underwater adventures may be an uncommon thing to do I guess. Probably reading an underwater/ marine life blog, which is what you are doing now, is not a common thing to do too.

Anyway, if you are a local marine life blogger or you know one, drop me a line! I am really curious how long the list of local marine life bloggers can get.


Mosura said...

Here's one

but it has not been used for quite a while.

Tsun-Thai Chai said...

Hi Alan,

Thanks. I will look it up.


JK said...

Hi Chai,

I'm a great fan of your blog. Indeed, I have the same feeling as yours as well. Malaysia, despite having immense marine biodiversity, lacked bloggers who show enthusiasm in them. I'm also thinking of widening my blog's scope to cover marine life sometime later since I was very much fascinated by marine life since young. Until then, I hope you all the best in your explorations!


Tsun-Thai Chai said...

Hi Jk,

Thanks. It will be really great if you can start writing about local marine life. I will be a big fan ;)

I really believe that bloggers can help spread the words about the beautiful marine life we have! Or the one that we are fast losing. Just so that it doesn't become knowledge that is restricted to only divers/ snorkellers or their online forums. To achieve a greater awareness about marine conservation, we cannot just rely on divers, snorkellers, scientists, etc, but also outside these groups of people.