Saturday, April 28, 2012

Diving in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (3)

Day 1 at Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (12 May 2010)
For the third dive of the day, we were taken to a dive spot called the "Coral Garden". It was the shallowest dive site (15 m) for the day and visibility was only fair (about 5 m). We didn't find the barracudas nor the turtles that the dive guides "promised". Even so, it has been an enjoyable dive.

The dive guides found a very large sea cucumber on the sandy seafloor. The animal was about 1 meter long.

A pair of mating nudibranchs on algae-covered reef.

A scorpionfish resting on the seafloor (arrows pointing at its eyes), raising the venomous spines on its back.

Another shot of the same scorpionfish from behind.

Some mushroom corals. The skeletons of the corals resemble the gills of mushrooms.

The long arms of brittle stars over staghorn corals.

Hinge-beak shrimps (Rhynchocinetes sp.) found on an old tyre.


ria tan said...

What beautiful marine life you have!

Tsun-Thai Chai said...

I can't agree more :)