Saturday, June 2, 2012

Last day in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (14 May 2011)

On the last day of my visit to the marine park, I did some snorkeling around the jetty in the morning. It was pretty interesting overall. There were corals and anemones all over the reef. And there were some clownfish around the anemones too. I also found the lionfish which I was told lives under the jetty.  

The visibility again wasn't that conducive to getting good shots, but well, it's OK. After a few dives the previous two days, again I was enjoying myself swimming underwater without needing the tank and other dive gear. 

Later, I did the "tourist" thing and joined a group of others to go snorkeling at some island in the marine park. I can't be sure of the name of island. But it was a real "tourist" thing because the snorkeling spot was basically just a barricaded area where tourists could feed the fishes and where some corals simply looked like they had been transplanted there. The depth of the barricaded area was about 1.5 meters max.

Anyway, my most interesting find was this school of razorfish (Aeoliscus strigatus?) which swam  vertically, heads pointing downwards. They just kept swimming that way, synchronized like a group of water ballet performers, while at the same time moving away to keep a distance from me. Strange fish!